MasterCem ES 2285 - High Performance Early Strength Enhancer for Cements

How does MasterCem ES 2285 works?

MasterCem ES 2285 is a highly effective early strength enhancer and formulated with high end raw materials to guarantee superior performance of the product.

What makes MasterCem ES 2285 a unique solution?

MasterCem ES 2285 considerably increases cement early strength better than conventional grinding aids or early strength enhancer. It is very effective as the catalyst for the early hydration of the cement particles and improving the reaction between C3A and gypsum to produce C3A-hydration products which overall improves the early strength of cement.

How can you benefit from MasterCem ES 2285?

MasterCem ES 2285 performs as a cement grinding aid. These characteristics contribute to the following:

  • Increased cement mill output at the same cement fineness between 6% and 15%.
  • Reduced total cement production by reducing grinding costs per ton of cement and replacing clinker with other fillers.
  • Increased early strength of cement between 15% and 30%.
  • Improved cement dry flowability.


MasterCem ES 2285: technical datasheet

pdf (43.95 Kb)