MasterCem GA 1350 - High Performance Cement Additive to Increase Grinding Efficiency and Inhibit Pack Set of Cement

How does MasterCem GA 1350 works?

MasterCem GA 1350 is specially formulated as a high performance grinding aid and pack set inhibitor for Portland cement and other hydraulic cements. It is based on modified hydroxylated compound mixtures. The special characteristics of MasterCem GA 1350 allow it to be effectively used in the cement plants that constantly have problems with hard and hot clinkers.

What makes MasterCem GA 1350 a unique solution?

MasterCem GA 1350 effectively reduces the agglomeration between cement particles inside the cement mill. It is one of the most effective dispersants that improves the efficiency of grinding process by reducing the surface energy forces of cement particles and creating electrostatic repulsion between cement particles.

How can you benefit from MasterCem GA 1350?

  • Increased cement mill output at the same cement fineness from 8% to 30%.
  • Reduced total cement grinding costs per ton of cement.
  • Improved cement strength by improving the cement particles size distribution.
  • Improved cement dry flowability.
  • Reduced cement mill grinding temperature which can help in maintaining the quality of cements.


MasterCem GA 1350: technical datasheet

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