MasterCem LS 3380 - Cement Enhancer Performance

How does MasterCem LS 3380 work?

MasterCem LS 3380 is a chemically combined composition of ionic halides together with an organic chemicals compound which is both a tertiary amine and a triol, formulated specifically to improve the milling grindability for the production of Portland and other hydraulic cement types. High end raw materials are used in order to guarantee a superior performance of the product.

MasterCem LS 3380 can be used for any type of milling process whether it is a horizontal ball mill or vertical roller mill applications. It is an effective grinding agent together with the enhancing property towards the cement compressive strength due to the promoted hydration reaction phases and improved Particle Size Distribution.

What makes MasterCem LS 3380 a unique solution?

MasterCem LS 3380 is specially formulated as the grinding aid and late strength enhancer for cements. MasterCem LS 3380 is a very effective cement particle dispersant in both dry and wet form. Its molecules adsorb into cement interstitial layer and react accordingly to enhance the hydration reaction and allow more surface area for cement hydration. Further reactions with cement particles allow precipitation and nucleation processes that contribute to improved development of cement strength.

How can you benefit from MasterCem LS 3380?

The advantages MasterCem LS 3380:

  • Reduced cement agglomeration phenomenon for better grinding efficiency.
  • Coating reduction-grinding media, internal liners, diaphragm, separator internal parts, rollers, grinding table, etc.
  • Specifically designed to increase cement compressive strength at all ages especially towards the late compressive strength due to chemically and hydraulically improve reaction.
  • Increased in cement mill output at the same cement fineness up to 15% depending on the raw materials quality supplied.
  • Directly influence the production cost per ton of cement produced.


MasterCem LS 3380: technical datasheet

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