MasterCem LS 3382 - Cement Enhancer Performance

What is MasterCem LS 3382?

MasterCem LS 3382 is a chemically combined composition of ionic halides together with an organic chemicals compound which is both a tertiary amine and a triol, formulated specifically to improve the milling grindability for the production of Portland and other hydraulic cement types. High end raw materials are used in order to guarantee a superior performance of the product.

Where does MasterCem LS 3382 work?

The advantages MasterCem LS 3382:
• Reduced cement agglomeration phenomenon for better grinding efficiency.
• Coating reduction-grinding media, internal liners, diaphragm, separator internal parts, rollers, grinding table, etc.
• Specifically designed to increase cement compressive strength at all ages especially towards the late compressive strength due to chemically and hydraulically improve reaction.
• Increased in cement mill output at the same cement fineness up to 15% depending on the raw materials quality supplied.
• Directly influence the production cost per ton of cement produced.


MasterCem LS 3382_EN: technical datasheet

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