MasterEase 3018

Low Viscosity Concrete Concept
New superplasticizer technology imparts advanced rheological properties delivering a significant decrease in the viscosity of concretes and extended rheology maintenance

What is MasterEase 3018?

MasterEase 3018 is a superplasticizer, high range water reducer from recent research work of R & D laboratories of BASF’s Master Builders Solutions.

MasterEase 3018 is designed to impart exceptional rheological properties to fresh concrete. It improves considerably the placing and finishing of concretes and enhances the ease of concrete pumping for all construction activities.

What benefits from MasterEase 3018?

  • Concrete complying to EN 206-1 / CN
  • Ready-mixed and Site Mix concretes
  • Superior Concrete pumping
  • Reduction of Concrete waste
  • Ease of compacting and finishing concrete
  • High performance and ultra-high strength concrete
  • Concrete for low environmental impact and high in mineral additions
  • Architectural concrete