MasterEmaco P158 – SBR acrylic based bonding and polymer modifying agent for concrete and mortars

What is MasterEmaco P158?

MasterEmaco P158 is an aqueous emulsion of styrene-butadiene copolymer latex, specially formulated for use in cementitious mixtures to improve wear resistance, durability, waterproofing and bonding properties.

MasterEmaco P158 is also compatible with sulphate-resisting or high alumina cement and gypsum plaster.

Where does MasterEmaco P158 work?

MasterEmaco P158 is the ideal SBR-latex recommended for use:

  • With cement as a bonding slurry
  • In weather resistant exterior or interior renderings
  • In floor screeds and toppings, or plasters for improved chemical resistance
  • In repair of honeycombed and spalled concrete, beams and precast elements
  • Water resistant screeds in wet areas


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MasterEmaco P 158

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