MasterFlow 918 AN - High Performance, Vinylester Based, Anchoring Mortar

What is MasterFlow 918 AN?

MasterFlow® 918 AN is a two-component high performance, thixotropic, vinylester based anchoring mortar.

Where does MasterFlow 918 AN work?

  • Anchoring of rebars in preformed holes in concrete
  • Fixing of anchoring bolts
  • Fixing of facades
  • Fixing balcony fences, handrails
  • Fixing gates, blinds, antennas and other domestic uses

What benefits from MasterFlow 918 AN?

  • Easy to use, no mixing requiredn
  • Suitable for dry, wet & flooded holes without loss of performance
  • Rapid curing
  • For medium and high load fixing
  • Pasty consistency, easy to apply and nonsag properties in over-head applications.
  • Resists to chemicals.


MasterFlow 918 AN

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