MasterLife GF 300 – Grout fluidifier

What is MasterLife GF 300?

MasterLife GF 300 is a dry powder type, chloride free additive designed to impart high fluidity to ordinary sand-cement grout mixes at a low water cement ratio. It is shrinkage compensated in the plastic state to counter the mild plastic shrinkage normally associated with site batched grouts.

Where does MasterLife GF 300 work?

MasterLife GF 300 is recommended for use where site batched grout mixes are preferred or necessary due to site conditions. Typical applications are:

  • filling gaps between prefabricated wall panels
  • pressure grouting of honeycombs
  • underpinning work
  • pre-packed grouting of cavities
  • grouting of rock strata
  • grouting voids difficult to access
  • MasterLife GF 300 is not recommended for grouting applications where consistently high strengths and total shrinkage compensation are critical requirements.


MasterLife GF 300: Technical Data Sheet (ref: MasterLife_GF 300 asean v1-1013)

pdf (61.61 Kb)