MasterPel 05 – High duty waterproofing agent for concrete

What is MasterPel 05?

MasterPel 05 is a high duty waterproofing admixture for concrete providing the hardened concrete with a high watertightness and excellent resistance to frost. Due to its unique combination of highly active agents, MasterPel 05 has multi-farious effects – plasticizes fresh concrete, reduces the quantity of gauging water, improves the workability and compaction; it reduces the volume of capillary pores and improves watertightness.

It reacts with the free lime of cement and its content of swelling agents ensures a permanent blocking of the capillary pores, even against water pressure.

Where does MasterPel 05 work?

  • most applications requiring watertight concrete such as basement walls and floors, tanks, pipes, tunnels, silos and pools
  • concrete blocks and bricks
  • low cement content panels and claddings
  • wall and tank foundation renderings
  • concrete structure where subsequent application of render, tiles or paint is required.


MasterPel 05: Technical Data Sheet (ref: SG#MasterPel 05 AN v1.0413)

pdf (47.71 Kb)