MasterPolyheed 26RC - Super-retarding type water reducing admixture for dam construction

Formerly:  Rheoplus 26RCC

How does MasterPolyheed 26RC work?

MasterPolyheed 26RC contains polycarboxylate ether polymers and is specially formulated to provide a concrete, which is sensitive to vibration and easy to compact efficiently.

MasterPolyheed 26RC admixture meets ASTM ASTM C 494 for Types D and G admixtures.

What makes MasterPolyheed 26RC a unique solution?

MasterPolyheed 26RC has unique water-reducing properties and allows the development of fluid mixes with low permeability performance. Lower permeability minimizes water absorption and chloride ingress. The result is a more durable structure with increased service life

How can you benefit from MasterPolyheed 26RC?

  • Sensitive to vibration without any segregation. High degree of compaction.
  • Properties of fresh concrete are susbstained over elapsed time.
  • Excellent bonding between layers.
  • Improved dimensional stabiliy.  Reduced risk of cracks.
  • No segregation, no bleeding.
  • Smooth concrete surface appearance.
  • Superior had bearing capacity. Improved tensile strength.
  • Low capillarity, high durability.


MasterPolyheed 26RC: Technical Datasheet

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