MasterRheobuild 555 - Mid range water reducing and superplasticising admixture for hot weather concrete

How does MasterRheobuild 555 work?

MasterRheobuild 555 is specially designed for us in Vietnam to impart low slump rheoplastic qualities to concrete. The workability loss depends not only on temperature, but also on the type of cement, the nature of the aggregates and the method of transportation.

MasterRheobuild 555 meets the requirements of ASTM C494 type G specification for superplasticising Admixtures. At low dose rates, it also complies with ASTM C494 type D.

What makes MasterRheobuild 555 a unique solution?

Rheoplastic concrete is a fluid concrete, easily flowing but at the same time free from segregation and having the same water/cement ratio as that of a no-slump concrete without admixture.

How can you benefit from MasterRheobuild 555?

  • Shorter placement time. Saves time and labour.
  • High impermeability and strength. Improved durability.
  • No segregation even at high workability. Excellent concrete quality.
  • Predictable on-site slumps, in hot weather and traffic delays.
  • Earlier removal of forms, faster construction.


MasterRheobuild 555: Technical Datasheet

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