MasterSeal 378 - Acrylic waterproofing membrane for solar reflective membrane system

What is MasterSeal 378?

MasterSeal 378 is designed to use as an elastomeric membrane in solar radiation reflective waterproofing syste.

Where does MasterSeal 378 work?

  • New/ aged coated or uncoated metal roofs
  • Renovation of concrete roofs
  • MasterSeal 378 is recommended for Protection of metal roof - especially at joints to prevent ingress of rain and water borne contaminants
  • As the body coat of solar radiation reflective waterproofing membrane system, provides good bonding on most coated and uncoated metal roof and improves the total solar reflectance of system
  • MasterSeal 378 is not recommended for use in submerged applications or in trafficable areas.


Masterseal 378

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