MasterSeal 555 - Flexible, polymer cement waterproofing slurry

Formerly: Masterseal 555S

How does MasterSeal 555 work?

MasterSeal 555 is recommended as a waterproofing membrane below concrete, mortar, tiles etc. It is also suitable as a waterproofing coating to concrete structures.

What makes MasterSeal 555 a unique solution?

MasterSeal 555 meets the needs of customers who want a cementitious waterproofing product with high crack bridging ability.

How can you benefit from MasterSeal 555?

  • Flexible - Bridges cracks up to 2 mm when subject to normal movements.
  • Permeable to water vapours - Allows surface to breath, preventing build-up of vapour pressure.


MOS_MasterSeal 555_EN

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MasterSeal_555: Technical Datasheet

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