MasterTop 1324 a universal polyurethane flooring system

What is and where to use MasterTop 1324 series?

MasterTop 1324 is a hard wearing, elastomeric, crack bridging, low emission and decorative matt polyurethane flooring system which can be applied with smooth or slip resistant finishes to a large range of substrates

MasterTop 1324 series offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from classical industrial floor coverings to special slip resistant flooring.  

Apart from all their other advantages, MasterTop 1324 series feature durability, a joint-less, seamless design and excellent cleaning or antibacterial properties

MasterTop 1324 is the absolute powerhouse in the sector of industrial polyurethane floors, a floor that lends color to the work surface.

The challenges they face vary from sector to sector and MasterTop 1324 can be applied where aggressive impacts, severe mechanical loads and high abrasion resistance is required: for example production areas, warehouses and technology rooms.

How you will enjoy the benefits of MasterTop 1324 series?

MasterTop 1324 floor coverings are liquid applied and they offer a number of advantages. These user-friendly systems can be processed rapidly and allow impressively fast installation.

MasterTop 1324 floor coverings are easy to clean, reducing cleaning and maintenance expenses. Another advantage is that rounded fillets can be formed at the joint between floor and wall, ensuring a seamless transition.

MasterTop 1324, this sturdy floor, used in a heavy-duty environment, provides protection against wear, dirt, penetration of liquids and impact combined with durability and decorative effect

MasterTop 1324 series guarantees a long service life with high traffic frequency. Various slip-resistant and antibacterial surfaces are available, ensuring a safe working environment and minimizing hazards. The self- leveling properties of the system, the possibility to install it on difficult substrates such asphalt and its homogeneous surface create a level floor covering without any obstacles or pitfalls.  

In brief, the MasterTop 1324 flooring system lays a firm foundation for smooth and safe operation


MasterTop BC 375NAS_TDS: MasterTop 1324

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MasterTop P 1602

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MasterTop TC442W: MasterTop 1324

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