MasterTop BC 375N - 2K-PU coating, pigmented, non-solvented, low emission, self-levelling

How does MasterTop BC 375N work?

MasterTop BC 375N is a non-solvented, low emission, pre-filled, 2K-self-levelling polyurethane floor coating.

What is MasterTop BC 375N ussed for?

MasterTop BC 375N is used indoors where medium to heavy traffic is required.

MasterTop BC 375N is suitable for applications to mineral substrates such as concrete or cement mortar floor screeds, which have been primed with a 2K-EP primer.

MasterTop BC 375N fits to the low emission of AgBB standard.

How can you benefit from Master Top BC 375N?

  • low emission according to AgBB
  • excellent self-levelling properties
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • abrasion resistant
  • hard wearing
  • excellent de-aeration
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • statical crack bridging
  • good chemical resistance